Convenience Store Owners Find Payoff in LED Lights

Everyone knows the places well. They are the comforting light that is barely visible along the long, dark and lonely highway. Quick shop, neighborhood grocery or convenience store, whatever the [...]

Business Loves LED Lighting; Consumers are Catching Up

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Wireless Environment Announces Battery-Backed LED Lamp Socket for Emergency Lighting

Startup specialty-lighting manufacturer Wireless Environment is using Lightfair International to launch the SwitchSense Bulb Adaptor that delivers a novel approach to emergency lighting. Designed [...]

Outdoor Lighting: DOE Funds More SSL, MaxLite Post-Top LEDs, Cree and Projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will enable LED street light upgrades in five metropolitan areas under the new High-Performance Outdoor Lighting Accelerator program announced by President [...]

Coffee Vendor Discovers Huge Benefits of LED Retrofit

A Texas company that specializes in single-brew gourmet coffee machines and vending machines for offices has joined the ranks of companies all over the world that are seeing the benefits of [...]