A Medium-Sized Business Switches to LED Lighting and Reaps the Rewards

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The traditional lightbulb had a great run, but times have changed. Today’s LED lightbulbs are far different from their storied counterpart. Traditional lightbulbs are actually extremely inefficient. Most of the energy that they use is wasted in the form of heat. For this reason, incandescent lightbulbs have been a major contributor to climate change and environmental damage over the last one hundred or more years. Thankfully, new technology has emerged to address the problems of this inefficiency in the form of LED lighting. LED lighting isn’t just a cost saver and good for the environment, as it is also very functional and pleasant to the eye!

131772821LED Saving Solutions is a company that helps businesses make the transition to LED. One company that they assisted was Braxton Animal Works located in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Braxton Animal Works has a facility of roughly 8,000 square feet. Since this is a large retail business, a great deal of lighting is necessary.

Switching a large facility over from traditional lighting to LED lighting is an undertaking. But, as it turns out, it is an undertaking that is well worth the effort and the expense. LED Saving Solutions outlines the costs involved for Braxton Animal Works in making the switch to LED and just how much money they will ultimately save. The end results and the savings are nothing short of shocking.

According to LED Saving Solutions, Braxton Animal Works can expect to save $8,772 per year which is a lifetime savings of an impressive $260,631. Clearly, any steps that a medium-sized business can take to save over a quarter of million dollars are not to be overlooked! Additionally, it is important to note that the lighting savings that Braxton Animal Works can expect to see is around 87 percent, which is likewise a staggering cost savings.

There are other factors to consider that would be easy to overlook in this equation. For example, there are two unexpected cost savings associated with making the switch to LED that businesses might overlook. The first is the cost in bulb replacement. Since LED bulbs are designed to last far longer than traditional light bulbs, it is estimated that Braxton Animal Works will save nothing less than $329 per year. This figure adds up to an impressive $6,016 in cost savings over a lifetime.

A second potentially overlooked factor comes in a very surprising form, namely air-money-bag2 conditioning costs. Traditional light bulbs give off a great deal of heat. Very little of the energy they use is actually converted into light. This lightbulb heat serves to heat up interiors, and this issue, of course, means heating costs are higher. By switching to LED lighting, this expenditure can be dramatically reduced. In the case of Braxton Animal Works, the savings was $234 per year with a total savings of $7,029 over a lifetime. Considering the fact that energy prices will likely continue to rise for the foreseeable future, it is quite plausible that this number could be even higher!

There is another way to view the benefits of switching from traditional lighting to LED lighting. As LED Saving Solutions highlights in their case study, if Braxton Animal Works did nothing and continued to use traditional lightbulbs, their lighting costs would be $9,137 per year. However, when they switch over to LED lighting, this cost drops to $1,327 per year.

The bottom line for businesses both large and small is that now is the time to make the switch to LED lighting. LED lighting isn’t about the future, but is instead about saving money in the here and now!

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