About USI

USI provides efficient and sustainable solutions that help businesses succeed in today’s ever-changing world. We continually think outside of the box to prioritize innovation in our approach to the customer experience. Our solutions are designed to make life easier, more efficient, and adapt to changing market dynamics.

We have the knowledge and innovative experience of retrofits and LED upgrades, electric vehicle charging stations, commercial solar, service and maintenance, smart building controls, and lighting audits. As a woman owned business, USI has completed projects in all 50 states. We take extreme pride in all our work and treat every job like it’s being done in our own home. We offer unique solutions and strategies to fit your specific needs.

All jobs have a lead project manager and support coordinator who are your single point of contact, no matter the project location or number of sites. Our educated technicians seamlessly integrate into the job site resulting in the least possible disruption to your business.

USI strives to continue growing and learning while building authentic and lasting partnerships with our customers.

Understand our process and how we can help you:

USI has a turnkey approach to projects, meaning we will handle every phase. From the site analysis and energy audit, product specification, rebate research and processing, and project management all the way to installation, USI handles it all while openly communicating with you throughout the process.

All site analysis and energy audits are performed using software and 360-degree photos and video that allows our team to accurately collect vital information while in the field. Completed audits can be downloaded from anywhere in the country directly to the sales engineer team in our office, providing a streamlined and quicker turnaround time on quotes.

Our solutions are designed to fit any budget. We use the latest technology and only respectable manufacturers. All projects are designed to meet any compliance requirement set in place.

USI presents you with the best energy efficient options, projected energy savings and ROI calculation for each project. We research, prepare, and process all utility rebates for you to help you save as much money as possible on your project. Rebates can be complex because each utility has its own incentives and procedures that need to be followed. We make sure all products and installation meet the necessary program requirements.

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