Air Force Base Signs $11.2 Million ESPC for Solar Array, Infrastructure Upgrades

 In LED Lighting

Credit: Moody Air Force Base

Moody Air Force Base is engaged in an $11.2 million energy efficiency and infrastructure improvement project that is expected to generate more than $21 million in energy savings over the next 23 years. The project includes a 2.5 megawatt on-site solar array.

The Air Force base signed an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) with Schneider Electric to implement the energy conservation measures with a goal of not only saving on energy costs but also of becoming more energy independent. The solar energy generated will allow the base to defer current energy that is being sourced from nuclear, coal and gas sources and reduce its independence on the grid.

Energy savings performance contracts help publicly funded entities make capital improvements over longer payback periods. With the ESPC contracting mechanism, Moody Air Force Base says it has found a cost-effective way to secure funding and implement the solution.

In addition to the solar array, the project includes:
• Expansion of its energy management controls system (EMCS) for increased visibility of energy use;
• Replacing current interior and exterior lighting systems with LED technology;
• Updated HVAC/Variable Frequency Drive systems to improve air quality and comfort for airmen;
• Transformer replacement for enhanced energy efficiency and added resilience and reliability.

The project, expected to take 18 months to complete, is improving the Air Force’s ability to manage energy supply and demand in a way that “enhances mission capability and readiness while helping address the nation’s broader energy challenges,” says Don Montgomery, Moody Air Force Base energy manager. “Optimizing demand and using resources efficiently will allow the Air Force to increase its mission capabilities as outlined by the Air Force’s Energy Vision to Enhance Mission Assurance Through Energy Assurance.”

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