Bat-friendly LED Lighting Set on UK’s Highway

 In LED Lighting

Image: Signify

In 2018, Signify announced that it has completed the world first bat-friendly LED lighting installation in a Dutch town, Zuidhoek-Nieuwkoop. Now on a way A4440 in the UK, LED lights that provide bat-friendly light source are set up by Worcestershire County Council, according to the report of Lux.

The red light emitting LED lights a wavelength that does not affect a bat’s fly, providing a bat friendly crossing across the A4440 which is close to Warndon Wood nature reserve.

Conventional street lights might interfere bat’s night behaviors and their insect prey which tend to congregate around the lights. The bat-friendly lights, instead, use special light recipe to avoid disruption on bat’s feeding habits and flying.

The unique night recipe will not affect visibility for road users and pedestrians while create a friendly environment for local wildlife. The bat-friendly lights installation will extend to the connection of nearby cities.

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