Walmart Saves $200 Million by Changing its Light Bulbs & $20 Million with a New Floor Wax

The multiplying power of size makes it easy to save big money on little changes. Imagine saving millions of dollars just by changing light bulbs and floor wax. It’s exactly what Walmart is doing. [...]

Office Lighting

Good lighting not only enables people to see, it affects how they feel. Energy efficient lighting can help enrich office life and reduce the energy demands on a building. Lighting is one of the [...]

Exterior Lighting

By upgrading to energy efficient lighting, you save money. Another important savings factor for exterior lighting (or any difficult to reach area) is the savings achieved through reduction in [...]

Recreational & Sports Facility Lighting

Lights run in recreational facilities for extended periods of time, resulting in high electricity bills. Even when patrons aren’t in the facility, lights may be left on for a janitorial [...]

Restaurant Lighting

Restaurants are the most energy intensive commercial buildings in the United States according to the Energy Information Administration. Restaurants, per square foot, consume nearly three times [...]

Our 2 Year Anniversary Countdown | THANK YOU

To our Clients and Friends, Today, on our two year anniversary, we want to take the opportunity to thank you.

Our 2 Year Anniversary Countdown | Recreational

As USIlluminations reaches our two year anniversary on March 11th (hooray!) we take a look back at some of the projects we’ve done over the past two years that have helped clients conserve [...]

Our 2 Year Anniversary Countdown | Manufacturing

Today, we look back at two of our manufacturing clients that experienced some great savings and better lighting. How does a total five year savings of $102,104 sound? Manufacturers have a lot to [...]

Our 2 Year Anniversary Countdown | Restaurants

Looking back over the past two years, as we come closer to celebrating our two year anniversary, our clients have had a great first year return on investment! When our clients are happy – we’re [...]

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