EV Charging

A third of all U.S. vehicles will be electric by 2025. Many states and municipalities are starting to pass legislation to require EV chargers. By 2030, 2.4 million publicly accessible chargers will be needed. Businesses that invest in EV chargers will benefit from enhanced positioning and new revenue streams.

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to EV charging – USI can help you get what’s right for your business while fitting your goals and needs. We have the industry knowledge to support you, from retail to casinos, fitness centers, country clubs and more.

USI offers you with the solutions and support you need to ensure your stations meet your budget requirements. We’ll guide you through EV charger placement on your site, help you select the right chargers for your space and install the best solutions for you. USI will provide you with the support you need to develop a successful program for your chargers, while we work together in a partnership.

USI will research any available incentives so you can take advantage to offset and minimize project costs.

You can decide who charges at your station – public users, pre-approved users, or a mix of both. You can set customized pricing for each user group and restrict hours of use for your stations. Stations that are open to the public for charging are a great solution for businesses in the retail, hospitality, parking, and recreation industries. Other station owners may prefer to restrict access for charging, which is more common in multi-family, workplace, and fleet settings.

Adding EV chargers to your business will allow you to create a revenue stream all while enhancing your customer, guest, and employee experiences. Charging stations can be customized with your logo that will spotlight your brand while attracting EV drivers to your business.

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