Exterior Lighting

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By upgrading to energy efficient lighting, you save money. Another important savings factor for exterior lighting (or any difficult to reach area) is the savings achieved through reduction in maintenance costs.

Energy efficient exterior lighting takes two approaches: using the most efficient types of lamps, and using efficient controls to determine when the lighting is used.

Whitehouse, OH

Kennametal Exterior

Replaced (2) 175w HPS security fixtures with (2) 35w LED fixtures.
Replaced (2) 150w HPS wallpacks with (2) 26w LED fixtures.
Replaced (9) 250w HPS wallpacks with (9) 35w LED fixtures.
Replaced (2) 250w MH flood fixtures with (2) 41w LED fixtures.
Replaced (2) 65w fixtures with (2) 22w LED fixtures.

Total Watts Reduced: 30,206
Annual Energy Savings: $20,086
First Year Avoided Maintenance: $7,530
Cost of Waiting Per Month: $1,673.85

Akron, OH

Goodwill Akron

Replaced (19) 250w MH fixtures with (19) 35w LED wallpack fixtures.
Replaced (4) 70w MH fixtures with (4) 26w LED wallpack fixtures.
Replaced (18) 1000w MH fixtures with (18) 105w LED pole lights.
Replaced (22) 175w MH fixtures with (22) 20w LED fixtures.

Total kWh Savings: 59,194
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 13,095
Energy Consumption Savings: $5,919
Total 5 Year Savings (excludes incentives): $37,575

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