Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Illuminated with Zumtobel’s Tailored Lighting System

 In LED Lighting

The Guggenhein Museum in Bilbao, Spain, recently refurbished its lighting system with solutions provided by Austrian lighting company Zumtobel.

The spectacular building of the museum is characterized with slanting walls, intersecting building elements and sloping or rising ceilings, marking a challenge for lighting design. To meet the museum’s technical and financial requirements, Zumtobel developed a custom-made product that can be used as a wallwasher, spotlight, very narrow spotlight and projector.

Image: Zumtobel

The most important lighting task in the museum is the perfect highlighting of the essence or shape of an exhibit. The performance of Zumtobel’s wallwasher spotlight offered the mix of finely accented and large-scale lighting, together with uniform light distribution throughout combined with color rendering (Ra > 96) in the exhibition areas which the ceilings are up to 12 meters high.

Image: Zumtobel

Zumtobel provided customized lighting solutions including narrow spotlights to offer precise and sharply contoured lighting. Its PROJECTOR spotlight also comes with a special zoom with four different lenses (14, 25, 35 and 50 degrees) for a wider range of focus.

Thanks to innovative LED technology, the special lighting solution also enables a significant reduction in energy consumption compared with the previous museum lighting, which was a requirement by the museum. Bluetooth makes maintaining the lighting solution particularly easy.

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