LED Improves Madison Square Garden Experience

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Madison Square Garden has been the world’s most famous sporting arena since before the current structure was erected in 1968 and is home to well-loved sports franchises like New York Knicks basketball, New York Rangers hockey and the WNBA’s Lady Liberty. So it only goes to figure that it would become the venue with the world’s most state-of-the-art video screen system. GardenVision, as it is called, is a big part of the recently completed renovations that the iconic building has undergone.  The main feature of GardenVision is the new state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind, center hung multimedia display.

New scoreboard at Madison Square Garden has 24 individual high-definition LED displays, including displays on the bottom for lower seating sections.

New scoreboard at Madison Square Garden has 24 individual high-definition LED displays, including displays on the bottom for lower seating sections.

The display consists of 24 high-definition LED screens, curved to mirror the circular design of The Garden and provide maximum visibility to all seating areas. The scoreboard has LED displays on the inside toward the bottom and angled for fans seated in the lower sections of the arena. The main video displays can show one large image all the way around the board or divide into split screens to show multiple graphics and animations, statistics, scoring information and promotional videos.

The four main video screens measure 4.8 meters tall (15’9″) by 8.5 meters wide (15.74″). Located directly above these are four additional video displays which measure over 2 meters tall (6.5′) by 8.8 meters wide (28.8′). On the corners of the GardenVision main unit are four more displays, this time curved, that match the height of the main video screens and four more curved displays that match the height of the smaller ones to create a full circular video board. The top of the unit contains an illuminated ID ring to display the venue and sponsor names. It features a backlit LED panel that is more than half a meter tall and encircles the top of the GardenVision unit. The video displays also have a unique all-black LED package to provide for maximum image clarity and contrast. To top it all off, this unit can be lowered or raised and expanded with additional screens to accommodate for all sorts of events.

More and better screens have been added throughout the arena too. The Garden added three LED displays on both the north and south end of the new Chase Bridges. These screens feature a combination of video and game statistics. And the four long, curved LED ribbon displays on two different levels of the seating bowl display messages to keep fans busy during time outs and before the game starts. Specifically for basketball games there will be seven sections of LED scorer’s table displays on the sidelines too. These displays can be connected to showcase additional up-to-the-minute statistics, show advertisements and promote upcoming events.

The GardenVision package is part of a billion dollar comprehensive renovation package that includes a new tenth-floor section that offers a handful of new food and beverage options and unique seating lounges with direct views into the arena bowl. A new Signature Suite Level which features 18 completely transformed suites and a full restoration of The Garden’s world-famous ceilings were also included in the restoration package.  All in all, management hopes that fans will enjoy the new upgrades and plan more frequent visits to the venue.

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