Camp Perry Receives $270K for Historical Lighting Renovation Project

More aid from Ohio’s State Controlling Board is on the way to the Camp Perry Joint Training Center as it aims to complete a major renovation project. This week, the board approved the release of [...]

Indoor Air Quality Solutions and $51,000 in Annual Savings for National Trail Local School District

National Trail Local School District is investing in indoor air quality solutions and energy efficiency through a facilities improvement project. The District did not ask for more taxpayer [...]

$25K in Annual Savings for St. Mary Catholic School

St. Mary Catholic School is making an investment of $86,704 in a facilities improvement project. The school paid cash for the project, which includes energy efficient LED interior and exterior [...]

ONU Invests $3.6 Million to Making a More Energy-Efficient Campus

Ohio Northern University has made a big investment commitment that aims to make the campus more energy efficient. During their last bonds deal, the college invested $3.6 million into replacing [...]

Facilities Improvements to Marietta High School

Marietta City School District is investing in improving the High School café, kitchen, and concession stand. As a member of the META Solutions Educational Purchasing Co-op, the District will be [...]

Georgetown University to Implement Energy Upgrades

Georgetown University has announced that they have entered into a comprehensive energy agreement with ENGIE to address sustainability and energy conservation. This partnership will help the [...]

Disney Marks Earth Day By Unveiling Renewable Energy Plans For Theme Parks

The Happiest Place on Earth is about to get a lot more green. The Walt Disney Company marked Earth Day by unveiling a revamped list of renewable energy efforts aimed at reducing the carbon [...]

Minnesota City Uses $2.5 Million Energy Savings Performance Contract to Upgrade 12 Buildings

A citywide energy efficiency project was recently completed for the City of Virginia, Minnesota. Financed by a $2.5 million Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), improvements made across [...]

Lighting for Darker Skies: Strategies to Reduce Light Pollution

The source of light pollution and its solutions have changed as outdoor lighting technology advances. While the effort to preserve the night’s dark skies and prevent light spillage into [...]