London Railway Illuminated with LED for Energy Saving and Security

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Image: Tridonic

The whole infrastructure of the newly opened Crossrail Line (also known as Elizabeth Line), including all the stations, escalator shafts and concourses are lit up by LED lighting following the decisions of Transport for London when LED solutions were still in the earlier stages of acceptance.

“The decision to go LED on Crossrail was based on industry evidence that the benefits of reduced energy consumption and maintenance requirements would deliver a reduction in whole-life costs for the project;” said Paul Kerrigan, Crossrail MEP engineer (lead electrical).

Tridonic and FUTURE Designs were in charge to create a suitable bespoke lighting solution for Crossrail Line. FUTURE Design’s concept uses the light-grey, matt-textured, glass-reinforced concrete lining of the station and escalator tunnels to reflect light onto the passenger areas, to create a sense of spaciousness within the underground environment and the company has created a range of new products, IKON, IKON EMERGENCY and PLINTH. All these luminaires have been designed specifically for Crossrail and address the technological difficulties presented with the design brief for the challenging environment.

Image: Tridonic

The IKON uplighter luminaire is designed to illuminate the area via the ceiling, which then reflects the light back down to the floor. Meanwhile, the IKON emergency will automatically illuminate in the event of a power failure, helping to guide Crossrail passengers to safety. PLINTH luminaire is located within the deck area between individual escalators. The uplighters are specially designed to diminish visual glare to passengers travelling on the escalators, preventing direct view of the LED source and providing well balanced lighting.

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