Maintenance Program + Service

USIlluminations has developed a comprehensive maintenance and upgrade program designed to update and maintain the integrity of the existing lighting system at any facility. We establish a customized plan for your facility, with that facility being visited a designated amount of times to replace and/or retrofit all outdated fixtures, lamps and ballasts with energy efficient equipment.

Our well-designed lighting maintenance program helps you operate with success and maintain budgetary consistency. Bulbs should be replaced not only when they break or burn out, but on a schedule according to how the brightness of the lamp lessens over time. Some bulbs lose over a third of their initial brightness over a few years. A well-thought-out program of regular maintenance can greatly reduce light losses and pay for itself by saving on energy costs.

We have an extensive network of technicians and electrical service partners that serve the entire country. Lighting service work is offered to all non-residential customers. We have dedicated teams that respond to your repair or service request with speed, professionalism and courtesy.

Good operations and maintenance are necessary to keep your lighting system working as designed through the years. Whether you have a simple outage, routine maintenance, or a lingering issue, we are here to help.

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