Facilities Improvements to Marietta High School

 In LED Lighting

Marietta City School District is investing in improving the High School café, kitchen, and concession stand. As a member of the META Solutions Educational Purchasing Co-op, the District will be able to tap into the LED Lighting and Energy Savings Program through the Ohio Council of Educational Purchasing Consortia. This program enables the district to make these improvements at no additional expense to taxpayers while ensuring the best possible pricing.

The School District is installing LED lighting retrofits in the High School café, server, kitchen, and kitchen offices. Other improvements include new kitchen appliances, electrical upgrades, replacement of ceiling tiles in the café, pine paneling in the serving area, and new counter tops in the bar area. The floors will be waxed and conditioned. The concession stand will be expanded.

The benefits will be immediate, with reduced energy bills and maintenance costs from the LED lighting retrofits. Annual energy savings are anticipated at $2,377. Kitchen staff will have a much more efficient, safe workspace, and students will benefit from the improved facility.

LED lighting retrofits offer up to 75 percent savings over the district’s former lighting systems, offering an almost immediate reduction in utility costs. They will also last 3 to 4 times longer, which will further reduce long-term operations and maintenance costs.

“At Marietta City School District, we aim to be high achieving in all aspects of our operations, from academic performance to financial management,” said Will Hampton, Superintendent. “This investment in our High School building will pay dividends to our bottom line while supporting our mission of empowering our students to excel academically and personally.”

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