Office Lighting

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Good lighting not only enables people to see, it affects how they feel. Energy efficient lighting can help enrich office life and reduce the energy demands on a building. Lighting is one of the most attractive ways to save energy as older, inefficient lighting technology can account for 40% of the office electricity bill.

Companies can benefit from efficient and effective office lighting. Today’s workplace is a complex and fluid environment, involving a wide range of visual tasks.

Akron, OH

Ram Sales

Replaced (24) F40T12 four lamp fixtures with (20) 2×2 LED fixtures.
Added 10 new 6″ LED can lights to conference room.

Total Watts Reduced: 3,752
Annual Energy Savings: $878
Total Annual Savings: $1,075
Total 5 Year Savings: $5,373
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 2,312

Stow, OH

Hallrich Offices

Retrofit F40T12 fixtures with F28T8 and new ballasts.
Replaced exit and emergency lighting with LED.

Total kWh Savings: 5,724
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 7,441
Total Annual Savings: $660
Simple Payback (months-after rebate): 3.17

Could your office lighting use updated? USIlluminations specializes in saving money with energy efficient lighting solutions that conserve energy, reduce maintenance costs and enhance the work environment.