Oldendorff Carriers Installs LED Lights on Its Fleet

 In LED Lighting

Image: Oldendorff Carriers

Oldendorff Carriers, a German shipping company, announced that it has started to equip LED lighting for its entire fleet of bulk carriers.

The shipping company has analyze the different LED lights and found that LED will boost lighting efficiency up to 80 percent in comparison with traditional lighting. After tests on 4 ships were completed, Oldendorff decided to switch to LED lighting with the positive feedbacks from aboard.

Oldendorff has finished the LED lighting installation on the first six ships and will continue to adopt LED lighting for the rest of its fleet. With LED fixtures, the workload for the crew on board will be significantly reduced, as the lifetime of LED bulbs is about five times longer compared with normal fluorescent bulbs.

The use of LED’s will also reduce the electrical power requirement and consequently the emissions from each ship. Oldendorff aims to search for more methods to reduce environmental footprint.

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