Our 2 Year Anniversary Countdown | Manufacturing

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Today, we look back at two of our manufacturing clients that experienced some great savings and better lighting. How does a total five year savings of $102,104 sound?

Manufacturers have a lot to gain from new lighting. It’s important to consider that 90 percent of the cost of operating a lighting system is the energy it consumes.

Part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 was a commercial building deduction that allows building owners to accelerate the deduction on the cost of energy efficient lighting or building upgrades, subject to a cap, in the year the equipment is placed in service.


Total Watts Reduced: 63,237
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 157,613
Annual Energy Savings: $15,373
Total 5 Year Savings: $102,104

  • Retrofit with kits (231) F96T12HO 2 lamp fixtures to F28T8 4 lamp fixtures. Switching to a lower wattage bulb that omitted more light was a 37,191 watt savings.
  • Retrofit with kits (226) F96T12 2 lamp fixtures to F28T8 4 lamp fixtures. That switch was a 17,402 watt savings.



Total kWh Savings: 29,237
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 32,404
Energy Consumption Savings: $2,924
Total Annual Savings: $3,653

  • Replaced (11) 1000w HID 5 lamp fixtures with F54T5HO 6 lamp fixtures. That’s a 8,019 watt savings.
  • Retrofit (11) F40T12 4 lamp fixtures with F28T8/SPX fixtures – a 1,012 watt savings.