Our 2 Year Anniversary Countdown | Restaurants

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Looking back over the past two years, as we come closer to celebrating our two year anniversary, our clients have had a great first year return on investment! When our clients are happy – we’re happy!

Today, we look at two of our restaurant clients.

In a typical restaurant, lights can be on for 16 to 20 hours a day. Electricity is one of the easiest places to save money. By installing occupancy sensors in bathrooms, closets, storage and break rooms’ lights are only on when you need them. If the restaurant has fluorescent lighting with T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts, upgrading to T8 and T5 lamps with electronic ballasts would save you money. Electronic ballasts have faster on-times plus they don’t hum or flicker.


Total kWh Savings: 32,379
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 14,220
First Year ROI (after rebate): 558%

  • Replaced (35) 150w Par38s with 18w LEDs. That saved 4,620 watts.
  • Replaced (32) 15w Par30s with 18w LEDs. By switching from halogens to LEDs it provided a 1,842 watt savings.



Total kWh Savings: 23,724
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 17,083
Total 5 Year Savings: $14,195 excludes incentives
First Year ROI (after rebate): 88%

  • Retrofit (26) F40T12 4 lamp fixtures to (26) F28T8/SPX 2 lamp fixtures. That saved 3,640 watts.
  • Retrofit (17) F40T12 4 lamp fixtures to F28T8/SPX fixtures – saving 1,564 watts.