Our 2 Year Anniversary Countdown | Schools

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Today, we look at two of our educational facility clients that we helped conserve energy, reduce maintenance costs and enhance their work environments over the past two years.

Lighting accounts for nearly 50 percent of the electric bills in most schools. A simple lighting upgrade can help any school start to save money – today. According to studies, incandescent lights and standard fluorescents reduce learning. Fluorescent lights have also been shown to increase fidgeting and restlessness in school aged children. Lighting is linked to being a major contributor to student health and learning.


Total kWh Savings: 12,988
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 16,884
Energy Consumption Savings: $1,299
Total Annual Savings: $2,054

  • Removed (166) existing 4’ F34T12 2 lamp fixtures and installed new 2×4 F28T8/SPX/ECO 2 lamp fixtures. That’s a 5,312 watt savings.



Total kWh Savings: 24,379
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 31,693
Energy Consumption Savings: $2,438

  • Removed (46) existing 400w HID fixtures and installed new 2×4 Highbay 4 lamp F54T5HO fixtures with wireguards.