Current rebates can help reduce the cost of your lighting projects. USIlluminations provides all material and documentation necessary to ensure compliance for qualification requirements of any potential incentive dollars available through utility company rebate programs. We carefully prepare each application to maximize the return of any and all funds available to customers.

The following rebate programs could be beneficial to Ohio residents:

AEP Ohio offers several energy efficient programs to their business (non-residential) customers for the installation of energy efficient products. These programs will help reduce the payback period of your investment and create a long-term reduction in energy consumption and cost.

The First Energy Lighting Incentive Program reduces the demand for electricity, which results in the creation of energy efficiency resource credits. This program is offered to commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional customers of FirstEnergy. Cash incentives are available for the installation of high-efficiency fluorescent tubes, LED lighting fixtures and retrofits, LED lamps and LED exit signs, occupancy and daylighting controls. All lighting incentives received by the program require pre-approval before the purchase and installation of materials.

The Efficiency Smart Business Energy Rebate Program offers small or mid-sized businesses financial rebates for the implementation of improvements and technologies that reduce energy use. All business customers (non-residential) in Efficiency Smart member communities that use less than 500,000 kWh (or have less than approximately $50,000 in annual electric costs) are eligible.


Financing is available for up to 100 percent of your lighting project with flexible terms that fit your budget. We have access to various payment options that allow you to preserve your working capital while still affording a lighting solution that can positively impact your bottom line.

Despite the financial savings, we understand the challenges of restricted cash flow. Through our industry finance partnerships we can facilitate a range of financing programs for your lighting project that are specifically designed to work within your budget.

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