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Restaurants are the most energy intensive commercial buildings in the United States according to the Energy Information Administration. Restaurants, per square foot, consume nearly three times the energy of the average commercial building. Closets, storage rooms, break rooms and even walk-in refrigerators are great candidates for occupancy sensors. Exit signs using LEDs are a great alternative to incandescent-based signs.

Lighting accounts for nearly 13% of all the energy used in a restaurant. It is one of the easiest places to save money.

Akron, OH

Dairy Queen

Relamp (40) existing F32T8 lamps with lower wattage F28T8 lamps.
Replace (1) 60w incandescent with 14w A19 LED.
Replace (2) 400w HID fixture with (1) 120w Wallpack.
Replace (1) 400w Security Fixture with 65w Security Fixture.
Replace (35) 150w lamps with 18w PAR38 LED’s.
Replace (32) 75w Halogen PAR30 with 18w PAR30 LED’s.

Total kWh Savings: 32,379
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 14,220
Total Annual Savings: $4,028
First Year ROI (after rebate): 558%

Canton, OH

Old Carolina

Retrofit (17) 2×4 F40T12 four lamp fixtures with new ballasts and F28T8 lamps.
Retrofit (5) 2×2 F40T12 two lamp fixtures with new ballasts and F32T8/U/6 lamps.
Retrofit (26) 2×4 F40T12 four lamp fixtures with two lamp troffer kits and new ballasts and F28T8 lamps.

Total kWh Savings: 21,578
CO2 Reduced (lbs.): 16,527
Total 5 Year Savings (excludes incentives): $13,122
First Year ROI (after rebate): 106%

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