Samford University Undergoes Major Energy Efficiency Upgrades, Saves $1 Million

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Johnson Controls has helped to improve the infrastructure of Samford University (Samford) in Birmingham, Alabama. The operational efficiencies achieved through these upgrades are providing

Image courtesy of Samford University

the university with a financial mechanism to support the campus-wide project, known as the Campus Infrastructure Improvement Plan. The first phase of the program included the new campus chilled water plant, with full updates expected to be complete by February 2019.

According to Johnson Controls, the partnership has helped Samford balance the challenges of aging and inefficient equipment and facilities with budget priorities and competing capital investment. The $30.4 million of capital improvements come from an innovative contingent payment program, which redirects the costs of maintenance along with actualized cost savings to fund projects. The university manages all costs in order for tuition to remain affordable. In addition to the chilled water plant modernization, a comprehensive list of the planned projects includes:

• Lighting upgrades
• Domestic water conservation
• Building envelope
• Window replacements
• Piping insulation
• Metasys upgrades
• Controls and mechanical improvements
• Heating venting air conditioning (HVAC) improvements
• Electrical improvements
• Domestic hot water equipment upgrades
• Hot water system improvements

During the first six months of the Campus Infrastructure Improvement Plan, Samford achieved an overall savings of $1,041,484. This is $38,228 above the guaranteed benefits required by the program. A large portion of the savings was due to the new chilled water plant, which consumed less than 40% of the energy that was required to operate the old plant.

The contingent payment program will allow Samford to produce $51 million in energy and operational savings to pay off the improvements over the next 20 years.

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