$25K in Annual Savings for St. Mary Catholic School

 In LED Lighting

St. Mary Catholic School is making an investment of $86,704 in a facilities improvement project. The school paid cash for the project, which includes energy efficient LED interior and exterior lighting retrofits. The benefits will be immediate, with reduced energy bills and an improved learning environment.

The school anticipates a reduction in annual utility costs of about $25,000. The payback for the project is just 3-1/2 years, which makes this a very worthwhile endeavor.

The LED lighting retrofits offer up to 75 percent savings over the district’s former lighting systems, offering an almost immediate reduction in utility costs. They will also last 3 to 4 times longer, which will further reduce long-term operations and maintenance costs.

Beyond the financial savings, LED lighting is a superior option for educational settings. The quality of LED lighting is very close to natural daylight, making it easier on the eyes. Further, it offers improved light distribution and lighting levels. LEDs are also free of the hum and flicker associated with fluorescent lighting, making it an ideal system for special needs classrooms. All these benefits are associated with improved behavior and health, in addition to increased motivation and higher test scores.

“At St. Mary Catholic School, we aim to be high achieving in all aspects of our operations, from academic performance to financial management,” said Mrs. Elizabeth Tokodi, Principal. “We believe that this investment in our building will pay dividends to our bottom line while directly supporting our strategies to improve student outcomes and our overall school climate.”

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