Swiss Historical Building Installed Intelligent Lighting System based on Bluetooth

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In the old town of Lutry, a Swiss municipality on the shore of Lake Geneva, a church dated back to the 11th century has been updated with LED lighting as well as smart lighting control system.

Image: Tridonic

In 2018, the people in charge at Lutry’s Service decided to switch the existing halogen lighting to LED lighting for energy saving as well as reducing maintenance costs. In addition, they wanted to have a control system to more easily adjust the lighting for different uses of the church.

A lighting design office in Lausanne, Switzerland, Senseco, took the challenge and had to put the requirements into practice without interfering with the historical structure of the church. As a result, the team decided to go for wireless control system and choose a basicDIM Wireless control module from Tridonic, acting as a node in a Bluetooth network with a mesh structure.

The wireless system connects luminaires in the church with the Tridonic 4remote BT application that enables individual or group luminaires to be controlled with smartphones and tablets. In the church there are scenes for services, for musical and literary events in the choir or the nave, and for the popular Bach concerts. One tap of a finger in the app is enough to retrieve the desired scene.

Without interfering with the historical structure, a light management system could be implemented in the Temple de Lutry using basicDIM Wireless. The lighting control which communicates via Bluetooth was remarkably straightforward to program and put into operation.

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Image: Tridonic