Target Saves Millions Switching Stores to LED Fixtures

 In LED Lighting

Target Corporation has replaced old fluorescent ceiling light fixtures with more than 2 million LED fixtures in nearly all stores across the United States. The retailer says this switch over the past several years saved the company millions of dollars and reduced energy usage.

Initial LED lighting tests in about 100 stores four years ago prompted Target to replace the fixtures in most of their 1,800-plus stores. In June 2016, the company signed an agreement with lighting solutions provider Acuity Brands to install next generation, smart LED sales floor fixtures, store accent lighting, and distribution center site lighting.

The lights reduce energy required to power the stores by 10% annually, according to the company. This move also led to “millions of dollars in cost savings.” Now, Target says, every new store opened will have LEDs from the start.

“With more than 2 million smart LED fixtures, Target will save an average of 470 million kilowatts of energy each year, helping their stores become even more energy efficient,” said Audey Cash, Acuity Brands Lighting’s senior vice president of enterprise technology solutions.

Over the next few years, Target anticipates adding fixtures to hundreds of parking lots, stockrooms, and additional spaces in stores. At least 80% of the stores nationwide have received Energy Star certification.

Besides providing light, the Acuity Brands smart fixtures in stores have built-in technology that interacts with the Target app. The retailer explained that this capability allows guests to map their way through the store using their mobile phones.

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