Turnkey Advantage

Each project has specific requirements and challenges, which is why we offer unique solutions and strategies to best fit your individual needs. We have the knowledge to customize and manage any project from start to finish. USI will do a site audit, specify all products, order all material and install your job, all while openly communicating with you during the process.

Site audits are performed using software that allows our team to accurately collect necessary information while in the field. Completed audits can be downloaded from anywhere in the country directly to project managers in our office, providing a streamlined and quicker turnaround time on proposals for our customers.

We design a high-quality customized solution to fit any budget, while also using the latest technology and respectable manufacturers. We design your project to meet any compliance requirements your industry or state have in place. Our educated technicians seamlessly integrate into each job location, resulting in the least possible disruption to your business and customers.

We present you with the best energy efficient options, projected energy savings and ROI calculation for each project. We research, prepare and process all utility rebates, where applicable to help save you even more.



Current rebates can make the upgrade to energy efficient solutions a no-brainer by helping to reduce the cost of your project. According to Navigant Research, more than $370 million was available in utility rebate funding for commercial and industrial LED lighting and controls in 2019.

Utility rebates can be very complex because each rebate has its own incentives and procedures that need followed. Fixtures, troffers, controls, lamps, exit signs and other energy efficient technologies have specific incentive values, per program. Programs may require a certain wattage, warranty, savings or listing by EnergyStar or Design Lights Consortium in order to qualify for incentives. USI can make sure all products and installation meet the necessary program requirements.

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