Turnkey Service

USIlluminations is a full turnkey service provider. We will work with you from start to finish, finding the ideal solution to fit your lighting budget needs.

Site audits are performed using software that can be downloaded from anywhere in the country directly to project managers in our office, providing a streamlined time on proposals for our customers.

We can design a solution to fit any budget, while also providing the latest technology using major manufacturers products with the best warranties on the market. Our highly trained staff of lighting experts and technicians ensure a satisfied design along with proper execution of your lighting project including any incentive processing, material ordering, equipment installation and proper disposal and recycling of all universal waste products.

We research, prepare and process all utility rebates, where applicable, to help save even more for your bottom line.

Our goal is that your project installation be hassle free and completely flexible with your schedule. During installation, the mess is kept to a minimum. All universal waste products are safely removed and recycled.

As a complete turnkey provider, our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the rest.




*Electrical work is subcontracted to licensed electrical contractors.

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