The University of Iowa Invests $1 Billion in Energy and Water Management Initiatives Across Two Campuses

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Credit: Pixabay

The University of Iowa has announced it will invest $1 billion in energy efficiencies, water management, and sustainability initiatives across two campuses. The school is partnering with Meridiam and Engie North America on a project spanning 1,700 acres in Iowa City, Iowa. These campuses together form one of the largest university footprints in the United States.

Meridiam and Engie will be 50/50 partners in an organization that is locally resourced and will concretely contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and allow the university to meet its energy transition objectives.

Under this agreement, Engie will operate, maintain, optimize, and improve the on-campus utility systems for the university. The scope includes providing heating, cooling, and electricity to the campuses through a dedicated network while also managing high quality and sanitary water and storm sewer services.

One of the key features of this agreement is to help the university transition to coal-free energy production on campus by January 1, 2025, if not sooner. Engie and Meridiam will also work with the university to assure:

• Multiple services and solutions involving reduction in energy usage as well as generation sources such as renewable energy, microgrids, energy storage and other innovative technologies preparing the campus for a resilient and sustainable future are explored
• Students, faculty, and staff have opportunities to benefit from experiential learning and innovation via internships, projects, and research opportunities in energy and other areas, including through an innovative program to enhance awareness of ways to improve resource use for students and other members of the university community

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