Lighting Audits

USI provides efficient and sustainable solutions that help businesses succeed in today’s ever-changing world. More than half of lighting systems are using old technology like fluorescents and high intensity discharge lights. When you upgrade your old and inefficient lighting to new LEDs, you will save money on your energy bills and reduce your maintenance costs. Before upgrading, you should have a lighting audit performed at your site to fully understand the return on investment and maintenance savings you will see. We believe a precise audit is the foundation for your project and our team is thorough and accurate in the process.

How does the audit process work? A trained USI auditor will meet with you at your site and walk your property to assess your current lighting. The auditor will evaluate your current system, walking the entire interior and exterior of your site. Audits are performed using software that allows our team to accurately collect information. The software enables the auditor to move swiftly through your site recording fixture types, quantities, light levels, heights and voltages. Photos are captured during the audit for what was visual inspected along with any floor plans or blueprints provided.

By completing the audit process, our team can then develop a fully customizable plan that addresses your site’s unique needs and identifies opportunities to reduce energy usage with more efficient systems in place.

A comprehensive proposal is put together detailing replacement specifications, anticipated energy and maintenance savings, payback and savings details.

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