Photometrics + Smart Building Controls

USI can transform any space. We have top of the line software that aids our designers in creating new lighting layouts using photometrics. Our use of this specialized photometric software program is designed to calculate light levels and the rendering of lighting systems. The capability of this photometric software helps our designers determine the best possible light levels and layout for your space.

Photometrics and design can be done for both interior and exterior spaces. Our sales engineers work closely with you to understand your needs and provide excellent product recommendations.

Our sales engineers also closely look at integrating your lighting with controls and other building automation systems. These can help you cut back on energy costs, energy usage, and achieve sustainability.

An LED lighting upgrade can deliver annual lighting energy savings of 40-60%. By including controls or other smart building technologies in your upgrade, your energy savings could increase by 80-90%.

By incorporating controls, the life is extended for lamps, ballasts, and fixtures with having a reduced ‘on’ time. You are also providing added security to exterior areas with dusk to dawn lighting.

Controls and automation allow you to take control of your energy usage and operating costs. USI has flexible solutions that adapt as your needs evolve.

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