Data Show LED Lamps Are Providing Huge Energy Savings

According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) “Residential Energy Consumption Survey,” U.S. households consumed an average of 1,105 kilowatt-hours [...]

USI Employee Spotlight: Kathryn Burkhart

Learn a little more about Kathryn and check out how she answered the questions below…. • Before working at USI what was your most unusual or interesting job that you had?  I was a medical [...]

The University of Iowa Invests $1 Billion in Energy and Water Management Initiatives Across Two Campuses

The University of Iowa has announced it will invest $1 billion in energy efficiencies, water management, and sustainability initiatives across two campuses. The school is partnering with Meridiam [...]

Documenting the Potential Benefits of Tunable LED Classroom Lighting

The final results are in for a DOE GATEWAY evaluation of a trial installation of tunable-white LED lighting systems in three classrooms at an elementary school in Folsom, California. Pacific [...]